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We are a team of Spiritual healer/therapists with expertise gained from a broad range of healing modalities and perspectives; and a team of individuals personally familiar with the type of deep, internal process that our clients will also be undertaking whilst in retreat. The entire team shares a common desire for balance, fulfillment, awareness and connection. This allows our team to provide a background of healing support for each client.

Dr Hafiz Rehan Mustafa Rathore

Hafiz o Qari, Dr. Rehan Mustaf Rathore
M.B.B.S. (DOW), D.T.C.D. (OJHA),M.I.B.F. (KU)
Dars e Nizami (Jama e Naeemea)
Hifz ul Quran (Jama e Naeemea)

TV Channels: PTV, QTV, Health TV

Dr Hafiz o Qari Dr Rehan Mustafa Rathore is graduated from Dow Medical College Karachi, He has also done his Diploma in Chest Disease from OJHA Karachi. Dr Rehan also accomplished his Master in Islamic Banking & Finance (MIBF) from Karachi University. During his regular studies Dr Rehan also completed his the greatest job of world by reciting& memorizing the great Holy Quran and became Hafiz e Quran from JAMIA – E – NAEEMEA (Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman’s Institute). Dr Rehan also completed the course of ALIM from JAMIA – E – NAEEMEA, since he has been working as a AMIL & a Spiritual Healer. Dr Rehan Belongs to Silsila – e – Naqsbandia Shazlia HAZRAT KARMAWALA.

Dr Abdul Wajid Nuqshbundi Shazli
Dr. Abdul Wajid Shazli Naqshbandi
D.I.M.S. (Hikmat) Herbalist, D.H.M.S. (Homeopathy)
Rohani Mualij Silsla e Shazlia

TV Channels: Health TV, Dawn News

Dr Abdul Wajid Shazli is a registered Hakim & Homeopathic Doctor he is also working as an AMIL He belongs to Silsla – e- Naqshbandia Qadria

Dr Wajahat Khan Qazi
Dr. Wajahat Khan Qazi
M.B.B.S. (DOW), D.M.C. (UK) G.M.C (UK)
Diploma in Drug Addiction & Counseling

TV Channels: Geo, ARY, Indus

Mufti Inayut Qadri
Mufti Iniyat Qadri

TV Channel: CNBC

Mufti Asif Saeed Qadri
Mufti Asif Saeed Qadri

TV Channels: Geo, Hum TV

Mufti Faizan Qadri
Mufti Faizan Qadri

TV Channels: CNBC, Health TV

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